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TaskBoy 10-09-2008 09:39 PM

What type of saw blade?
I have a Milwaukee worm-drive circ saw and will be demoing 2 x 8s, 1/2 ply with tarpaper and sand on it and my going thru some nails and flashing here and there. What kind of blade should I use? Thanks.

Square Eye 10-09-2008 10:46 PM

Carbide tipped 16 to 24 tooth blade. No need for anything expensive for demo work. You should be able to find one anywhere for around $11.00

The carbide blade will keep cutting after hitting and cutting nails. It will eventually fail but it will last as long as any blade out there. Sometimes you can get a value pack with 6-12 blades at a ridiculously low price. Well worth it for demo work

TaskBoy 10-10-2008 12:27 AM

Thanks. FYI, this saw is circa 1982 but was only used to cut surfboard outlines in polyurethane foam like 10 times. It has never been used since. I guess it'll be ok for this use and hopefully more down the road.

Quattro 10-10-2008 08:05 AM

It was suggested to me to use the cheap Piranha blades when I had to tear up old flooring. It worked great, and I still use it for rough cuts. I think I got 2 for $7.

rockgarden 12-18-2008 06:22 PM

Good saw, stick with the cheap blades and throw them away when you see smoke.

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