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kurt smith 07-09-2006 05:36 PM

AC blower fan does not come on...
I blew up my old circuit board on my AC. I changed out the old circuit wire for wire to the new circuit board. Now my blower that distributes air into the central air ducts does not come on. The AC is working 'cuz I can feel the cold air on me while I work on the circuit board. Anybody know where my problem may be? The breakers at the panel board are all on.:mad:

glennjanie 07-09-2006 07:41 PM

Hi Kurt:
Check for power at the blower; if power is there and the motor doesn't turn it indicates the motor is bad. Turn the fan (or squirel cage) to see if it is siezed. Check the capacitor if there is one; unplug the leads and go from one lead to the other with your ohm meter, it should run your meter all the way over then fall back rather quickly. Bad blower motors and capacitors are common occurances; reparirmen carry a few of each on their van all the time.

kurt smith 07-15-2006 07:51 PM

Ok folks I'm goin' out to work on it. What is a capacitor? What does it look like? I am hoping to fix it myself and save the 300 big ones they want to charge me to fix it. Of cource they know what they are doing and I don't.

glennjanie 07-15-2006 09:17 PM

Hi Kurt:
A capacitor can be either on the outside of the motor or mounted in a bracket over to the side. A power wire will go in one side of a capacitor and out the other side. They come in various sizes; for a fan motor I would look for one 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" diameter and about 3" long.
I just re-read my last note and I need to clarify one thing. After you take the wires off the capicitor (with power off) touch your tester leads to the posts or spades on the capicitor. I sure don't blame you for wanting to avoid the $300 charge. I think that is one purpose of the forum; save money.

kurt smith 07-16-2006 04:19 PM

what happened?
OK, I got your capacitor answer after I started to work on the AC. I will do what you said. But...can anybody explain this. 1-my blower will not come I pulled the fuse that is in the circuit board. The fuse looks like a regular car type 'blade' fuse. The fan came on and continued to run. So I guess I have power and a working blower. I replaced the fuse and the fan went off. I pulled the fuse and walked around for a bit, the fan was running. I replaced the fuse and the fan stayed on and the AC is working. I have the AC on for a test, but I will turn it off after a while 'cuz it is too early to be running the AC. Is my thermastate no Good? Why would the fan not come on without me pulling a fuse?

PaPaDan 07-17-2006 04:25 AM

Sound like you were not waiting long enough for the system to cycle and turn on the blower. Taking the fuse out disabled the board and bypassed its control over the blower. When it did keep running with the fuse in place was because it was ready to run the blower.

kurt smith 07-17-2006 05:17 PM

Ok. Also, what does it mean when the thermostat says "in recovery"? I now havethe AC on. The AC out side is working but the blower is not on and it will not come on when I move the thermostat to "ON" from "Auto".I can feel cold air in the furnance box. Did I hook up a wire incorrectly to the new circuit board? I changed out the wires one at a time to the new board. Which designation on the circuit board pertains to the fan? "HI or Lo"? "pr1, Line1 Line 2, Pr2, sec1, sec2, lim1, lim2?

aceinstaller#1 07-18-2006 07:00 PM

fan should be set to hi for a/c. wires on t stat should be r w c g y and also correspond to circuit board.

kurt smith 07-18-2006 08:36 PM

Perfect. Thanks bunch.I will check all of that right now.

kurt smith 07-27-2006 09:17 PM

So for my follow up I will beg for giveness. I miswired the blue wire to the Gh stud instead of the Gc stud. My pastor,who is a AC repair man walked me thrue it. My AC now works.

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