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3144_tcc 04-11-2013 08:41 AM

Have an Amana refrigerator Model SQD25NBW. The ice maker quit making ice. Replaced the water inlet valve. That didn't work. Replaced ice maker itself. That didn't work. Checked new water inlet valve. Dead. no ohm reading. Replaced with new valve. On plugging power the valve gives off a little vibration as indicating it's working. Checked water supply line, good water and pressure. On plugging power to refrigerator and opened door there was a pop from the ice maker that is usually from a short in wire or bad connection. I took water inlet valve off and cannot get a ohm reading. Ice maker does not appear to be circulating. No water coming to ice maker. Haven't used a meter testing unit in a while. Turned meter to lowest point and checked connections. Any help appreciated.

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