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Dale 04-28-2006 09:14 AM

Correct Interior Surface Preparation/Texture Repairs
I just like to say thank you very much for letting me enter your forum, I love to answer any questions concerning the "Correct interior surface preparation" prior to re-decorating, "Texture repairs & matching/blending the pattern back in, "How to make that pattern" creating a specific pattern by using tools that you may already have in the home or shed for patching an existing textured ceiling or wall, and "Texturing as an attractive alternative method of interior ceiling and wall coverage" as there is just not enough information available for the home "DIY" enthusiast.

Being the creator and author of "TEXTURE REVIVAL" available at all of these subjects are covered in easy to follow photographic details into one large quality book that can be downloaded straight onto your computer for reading, and even printed out as long as you have the printing equipment.

I hope to be part of the forum and help with anything concerning the above issues.

All the best from sunny Cardiff, South Wales

Dale Ovenstone

woodworkingmenace 05-04-2006 09:30 AM

Dale, I have been toying with the idea of using that "method" of using a border around the ceiling in layers... I saw that on this old house once, I believe it was...

I may even give it a shot on my laundry room when its done:) Small room to start with, so, it has to be creative LOL! :)

Just my two cents for what its worth, and a wee bit extra for the collection plate...


Dale 05-06-2006 04:57 AM

Thanks Alyssa & Jesse
I hope that you took a look at my new title "STEP DOWN COVED CEILING" these are amazing home project techniques and are very easy to do, there really are no secrets involved although the finished outcome when people see them for the first time is quite phenominal and the materials are mostly available worldwide.

I remember when I started experimenting using creative techniques in my own home & later on for my customers once I gained enough confidence to actually perform jobs like these, I mean, will it look out of place? or is it too much decorative effect? but believe me once my customers family & friends seen the outcome of their ceilings I just became busy that way, and you know what, to actually go to a customers house to perform finished projects like these makes you feel proud because your creative side is coming out which I think this personally helps you have a better life, (if your going to work you may as well enjoy it wouldn't you agree?)

I got a knack of teaching people how to easily & correctly perform all of the tasks from these two books for the ultimate effect, they work with me for a little while and it just clicks into place for them very shortly and most importantly they gain the confidence to have a go themselves, and these are how I have written my books, taking into consideration that you are completely new to the concept and I am teaching you for the first time (please don't take any offense).

I hope you didn't mind me babbling on and please take a look at the link below

Go on, Create a craze!

woodworkingmenace 05-06-2006 06:43 AM

That scalloped seashell look is fantastic!

If it werent too much trouble getting it out of the mold intact, (always a trick to something), it would be something to see done.

I have helped on the "swirl type" ceiling, and of course, its not as "involved" as that, but, still fun to do:)

I hope you sell lots of books!


Dale 05-07-2006 02:45 PM

Texturing Comb Patterns
Hello Jesse, how are you

The comb patterns are really easy to achieve once you know how, I tell my customers that they are "individually hand crafted onto the ceiling for your delight" but if you can imagine running or drawing a tool through the textured coating to create the desired effect (in this case a "texture comb") you can create all sorts of designs, one problem may be "texture comb availability" whereas they may be difficult to get hold of in certain countries so I have also put together a guide giving info on how to make some for yourself.

I want to thank you for showing an interest in Texturing as an alternative decorative ceiling & wall coverage as information is quite scarce & not readily available although there are many other "DIY" books showing most of the trades, I just want to let the home "DIY" enthusiasts know that they can also achieve amazing effects like these for themselves with the correct info & a little confidence and practise without going to the expense of calling in the pros all the time.

I have learned from my 25+ years of experience that the home diy fan will attempt texturing in their own home, but they really should get more information first, I used to get the phone call from their angry wife a few days later asking me to put right their work, this is what prompted me to write these "How to" books later on in life, but the funny thing is, whenever I started a job the customer would always like to stay in the room and see how it was done, every time, ( and I always let them, also teaching my trainee to let people watch them when they practised) but its not difficult to achieve any of these effects if you follow certain steps.

email me
& in the subject line of the message box just type in
and I will send you some info about texture combs, and let me know where your from in the world

Take care of yourself & Regards
Go on, Create a craze!

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