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mapman 12-05-2006 03:25 PM

Hello I am Jack the Mapmaker
I have a humidifier installed on my furnace. I have an electronic 24 volt water valve that shuts on and off when the pacific transformer class 2 sends the voltage.I have a multimeter to check the voltage at the transformer to see if it is working properly. There are two wires connected to the transformer going to the electronic water valve.I tried connecting my multimeter one lead to each wire but have no reading. I know the valve is working because when I disconnect the wire at the water valve the valve closes.How do I properly connect my leads from my multimeter to the transformer to get a reading?I am trying to determine if the voltage is shut off or is letting some voltage leak by.The reason for all of this I installed a new water valve and when the water valve shuts or tries to shut it is making my water line vibrate vigorously. I guess the main thing I want to know is how to check the voltage at the transformer.

glennjanie 12-06-2006 09:55 AM

Welcome to the Forum Mapman:
Your transformer should show 110V to 120V on one side and 24v on the other side (the high side and the low side). The vibration problem is caused by "water hammer", the water wants to continue to flow when the valve shuts it off. Its like the water hits a wall and the hydraulic pressure has to dissipate by the vibration. If you were to install a water hammer arrestor near the solenoid, you could stop the vibration.
Put a tee in the line to the solenoid and run a short (12" to 16") line up from the tee. When you turn the water back on the vertical line will hold air which will cushion the banging pressure of the water at sudden stop. The reason it works is; air can be compressed but water can't. Give it a try and post your results back.

mapman 12-06-2006 12:31 PM

Water valve hammer solved
I found my problem.The new water valve I purchased had a bad orifice in it and was letting to much water in.I tooked the old orifice out of the old valve and installed it in the new valve and everything works fine now.
Thanks again for your help.:) Man you would think if you brought something new you wouldn't have to troubleshoot it. O well I guess the sun will shine brighter tommorow.:) Ps say if you ever need help with a GPS or fishing map let me know.

"L" 12-14-2006 09:55 AM

hello there Jack... welcome to the forum!:)

and just a friendly reminder (not really related but it came to my mind): don't forget to check your furnace and other heaters from time to time. And get some carbon monoxide detectors, too... to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning...:)

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