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TR Young 03-26-2009 07:53 AM

Hello from Ohio!
Hello, fellow DIY-ers! My name is Troy, and I am a hobby DIY guy.

In the past, my projects were mainly building new things out of wood, minor plumbing repair (PVC mostly) and things like that. I have some decent, basic power tools; router & table, drill press, compound miter saw, table saw, and the obligatory power hand tools. They have served me quite well so far, and this year I am hoping to expand into some larger projects, such as an outbuilding and possibly a new deck.

Recently, my wife and i decided to upgrade our rental, which included sanding down and refinishing the hardwood floors (2 bedrooms, a hallway, and a living room), and a bathroom remodeling project (which I have started a thread about).

I am looking forward to getting some good tips and tricks from everyone here, and I hope to be able to contribute my own bits now and then as well.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I am a vinyl decal, sign, and banner maker, too. I have a small graphic design hobby/business as a supplement to my "real" job as a draftsman. I very much enjoy the creativity involved in the design process of making something for my customers!

glennjanie 03-30-2009 09:51 PM

Welcome TR:
It sounds like you have a good inventory of tools which demonstrates some proficiency in DIYing. You have a good variety there and can do a lot of things around the house with them.
We are loaded with tips and advice since 'talk is cheap'. Really, we have some very highly qualified tradesmen and experienced DIYers, so fire away with the questions. We are happy to have you.

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