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Quick Carpenter 12-22-2007 09:58 AM

Help with concrete acid stain & sealer
I have never posted in a forum before so I trust people will tell me if I'm not following the accepted way of doing things.

I'm finishing off my new home and have problems with the acid stained concrete floor and associated sealer.

The contractor who installed it had never done it before and probably gave us some bad advice. We understood no special care was required to protect the sealer with the result that it got badly scratched when the drywallers were working. Some of the scratches actually seem to have removed the acid stain down to bare concrete.

The contractor is not too interested in helping us solve the problem. I think the sealer was probably acrylic because it was very soft and easily marked.

Does anyone have any suggestions about fixing this? I'm thinking I may have to strip the sealer off, and maybe even restain some of the worst scratches.
Advice welcome.

inspectorD 12-24-2007 07:23 AM

I would contact the folks on the can ...they have seen this before and should have some solutions. We do not know the type, prep, primers or anything else involved. They will be your best bet.;)
Tell us how you make out.:)

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