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mark681137 03-05-2010 11:06 AM

Hi from Memphis
Hi everybody,

Thanks for the forum and all the contributions I'm sure I'll be searching over for the next few months.
I'm 53 and have been in the business of selling groceries most of my life. I've done quite a bit of home improvement over the years and have found that I know just enough to be dangerous. We've been in our current little home about ten years, being an avid golfer I've neglected most preventative chores and am now paying the price. Our house is about 1300 sq ft, 3br, 2ba, built in 1992, slab foundation, one story, trying to find ways to update our house and make it more live-able for 5 people.
I live in the hot/humid capitol where we turn off the heat to turn on the air conditioner, sometimes in the same day.
The project I'm in the middle of right now is removing a pre-fab fireplace w/insert that went south a few years ago and started taking on water, just enough to damage the living room ceiling and wall. While I'm at it I figured we were tired of the old popcorn ceiling and we might as well get that off while we are at it. The room currently seems a little odd shaped, long but not deep, ceiling high but not deep. I've been playing with some different interior trim molding designs that look great on paper in making the room seem more proportionate.
I figured before I post questions I'd put some background out there that anyone can refer to when considering.
I hope to take more pictures on these projects and post them, because while its easy to find pictures of large homes, little ones seem harder to find.
Thanks Again!

inspectorD 03-05-2010 06:09 PM

Sounds like your ready to get your feet wet, there are plenty of good folks here to help.
Looking forward to helpin you out, have fun.:welcome:

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