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ChristopherJoseph 04-17-2008 10:57 AM

Hi from NJ
Hey all,

My name is Chris and I'm from Central Jersey... I wanted to join up because my house is not in great shape. It was built in the later 50s, and my grandfather used to maintain it throughout his life. About 2 years ago he passed though, and unfortunately we never really talked much about handyman stuff. I'm anxious to learn though, and I really want to start fixing up the house. I'm pretty green, so you guys and gals have to promise to go easy on me :) But many questions and pictures to follow.


glennjanie 04-17-2008 12:44 PM

Welcome Chris:
We are here to help in any way we can. You fire the questions (pictures to accompany would be great) and we'll put our heads together and come up with an answer. We have various crafts on here and some of us give valuable advice. We look forward to helping.

Amber 04-30-2008 11:46 AM

Learning from elders
This makes me think. . . Ask your handy grandparents, etc. for a lesson or two while they're here. Ask for that best-ever apple pie recipe, ask how that garden grows, ask how they tuned-up a car, ask how they rebuilt the attic, etc. Then don't neglect to share these things with future generations. Those will be the coolest memories later. I remember helping my grandfather build a chicken coop when I was 8 (weird.)
If it's too late (sorry) at least you have strangers in forums, they are valuable too!

inspectorD 04-30-2008 03:19 PM

Great advice...
Welcome both of you. I have learned more from shutting my mouth and listening to an ol timer go on for hours. Every once and a while ask a question and learn.
They have been there and done more than that...most times they have forgotten more than I already know.

And strangers are only folks you haven't become freinds with yet.:D

Cheapliquid 04-30-2008 09:11 PM

south jersey is the only real jersey.. sorry to break it to ya. :) lol jk

fred333 05-01-2008 09:55 AM

Welcome to the forum.

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