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maggdog 11-17-2007 02:12 PM

Hi and tin ceiling question
First of all, Hi from New York City! I've been working as a carpenter on and off for the past twenty years, but have never done any work in the city, so happy to have all these brilliant minds to consult! So, an upstairs neighbor has water damage that has rotted/rusted a two by two foot square of plaster/tin off the joists and onto the kitchen floor. I said I'd fix it...but have never worked on a tin ceiling before. It looks like there is damage on down the ceiling for four or five feet beyond this spot, but it hasn't fallen yet. The landlord is buying more tin...can anyone tell me the best way to cut this stuff, how it's attached, etc. I was thinking of sawzalling a patch out along the joists, putting up two by fours as nailers, putting up sheetrock then the I crazy?! Thanks in advance! Karen

glennjanie 11-17-2007 05:52 PM

Welcome Karen:
The 2 X 4s sheetrock and tin progression sounds like a plan to me.
Cutting the tin for installation would be best done with large tin snip shears, small or irregular (round) cuts should be made with smaller snips which come in right hand, left hand and straight cuts.
The attachment is different for each brand or supplier; all I could say is, 'read the instructions'.
I wish you the very best with this project. Being a carpenter already will be a big help.

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