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jimmyz 07-29-2006 08:36 PM

I-beam support posts
I have a ranch home in Wisconsin built in 1966, it has a red steel I-beam running down the center (6"wide X10" high X1/4-3/8thick" thick) of the home 60' long with no splice. The beam only supports a single level above, with Douglas Fir floor joists running from the outside walls to the beam about 12' long. The beam is supported on both ends by being embedded in the poured concrete wall, and there are 6 solid steel posts spaced evenly. My question is, how many support posts are actually needed to hold up the beam and support the weight? From what I have seen in newer homes there are fewer posts, and it appears the compenents used in this home are of a much heavier gauge.
Thx Jim

Square Eye 07-29-2006 09:08 PM

Yep, what you got there is a well built house.
If those posts are filled with concrete, it would be even better.
Keep your eye on them and watch for rust at the bottom.

If you are looking to remove posts to open up some space, you may be better off to rethink your plans. Messing with the structure of a home can get you all kinds of problems. The posts are more than likely set in the concrete, on footers that help keep the floor from cracking. Moving the posts could cause drywall cracking, floor cracking, door misalignment, sagging floors, etc.

The basement jacks that are so poular now are not as durable or as safe. Firemen hate them because they are rarely set properly, and even when installed properly, they can kreel over with the main girder in a fire.

I don't believe that new construction practices are all better than some of the old ones.

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