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nealtw 11-18-2013 09:33 PM

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I am a fan of re-doing the perimeter drain on the outside, but now that that money is spent you may be able to improve it. They should have drilled holes in the bottom of the block to let the water out so the blocks don't fill with water and then draiped it with a waterproofing membrane to allow water comming thru the wall to drain below the floor like the one in the photo which is on the outside.
If budget allows making it a full second floor would be the way to go if the roof structure needs to be replaced anyway. The only way to go would be engineered trusses.
Even if you couldn't finnish the new space, the structure wouldn't cost all that much or at least worth looking at. That would be a summertime job giving you plenty of time to get the stucture below in good shape.

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