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Coqui 07-22-2006 03:51 PM

Low Voltage
Living in a home built in the early 50s. Kithen wiring was upgarded. The kitchen outlet voltage is 106 volts the other house outlets are running at or below 95 volts. My big screen TV is shutting off, my window air conditioner is cycling off and on and my security system has gone south. My house still has the old service panel. What is going on?:(

glennjanie 07-22-2006 05:01 PM

Hello and welcome to the forum Coqui:
I don't think an old panel would lower the voltage, especially to a different level in seperate parts of the house.
I experienced what you are talking about once in the past though. It turned out to be one of the cable splices where the power company had spliced onto the house wiring at the weatherhead. A quick way to check it is to use a voltmeter at the main fuses in the panel; I think you will find one side much lower than the other. If the test works like I said, you need to call the power company to resplice the wires.

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