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Bengal25 11-04-2007 12:22 PM

My 1st post & boy do we need help!!!
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Okay, here's what happened. We put up new walls in the bathroom. The entire wall is sheetrock, except in the addition, which is WonderBoard. Then we decided to tile the walls about halfway up. Then we realized we had to have cementboard on the walls where the tile was to go. So we, mistakenly, I think, attached cementboard only as high up as the wall tile is to go. Now there is a "lip", or, edge, sticking up above the wall tile. Do you think we should add more cementboard--taping it to the existing edge--then put sheetrock the rest of the way, up to the ceiling? The addition part is fine, as it is ALL cementboard. I just think it won't work the way it is b/c, even if we did attach a slim top/trim/bullnose piece, the whole wall would stick out an extra 1/4" from the rest of the wall. I attached a few pics, so you can see what's going on here! I would also appreciate some advice on what to do around the door frame. Should we add a thin strip of cementboard in that gap & put tile there, then the door frame would go OVER the tile. Or, should we install the wooden door frame/trim piece, then tile around it (on the wall).

glennjanie 11-04-2007 01:16 PM

Welcome Bengal25:
Check back to the place where you bought the tile, they should have a suitable bullnose trim to fit your needs.
I would not try to work with the fine piece of cement board and skinny pieces of tile at the door. Rather, I would install some kind of wood or plastic trim around the door facing to fill the hole. It will need to go all the way around the frame to make it look in place.

Bengal25 11-04-2007 01:22 PM

Hey, THANKS for the reply! The other question I have about the bullnose tile at the top of the wall tile it okay if part of the tile is on the sheetrock? Will the mortar hold it to the sheetrock? Could we use liquid nails & caulk? We would love to bypass having to add more cementboard. But we'll still do it, if the bullnose must be fully on the cement board.

Bengal25 11-04-2007 01:26 PM

Also, we bought the wall tile at a place called The Loading Dock, which is a depot for used , new, & discarded building materials. SOOoooOOO, no matching bullnoses. My husband wants to put the elongated smooth stones that we have at the base, along the top. But considering our PROBLEM (!!!) I think a rounded bullnose would be the solution. Even if it was just white. What do you think?

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