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MoreCowbell 05-29-2011 12:38 PM

New Amateur with a Project
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Hello. I am new to this site. My primary reason for joining is that I am preparing for a DIY project where I'll be digging part of my crawlspace out to make a partial basement.

About 1/3 of the crawlspace is already almost 8' high (footing to joist), however, it tapers up to about 4' high in the back corner. I had an enginerer look at my foundation and he advised against encroaching into the 45 deg. slope from the footings, so I'll be building retaining walls that are spaced back a bit. I'll also need to remove my masonry columns and replace with steel columns on new (deeper) footings. I've attached a picture from Google Sketchup of what (I hope) it will look like when I'm done.:D

Anyway, this post is partly to introduce myself and partly to link back to in future posts when I have questions to pose to the experts here so I don't have to keep repeating myself. Thanks!

oldognewtrick 05-29-2011 01:15 PM

Welcome to House Repair Talk. I'd listen to the engineer for sure and good luck with your project.

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