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Barry M 09-29-2007 06:51 PM

New to the board
Hi all, I'm Barry of Midwest Pro Wash. We are a power washing company in Indiana. As pressure washing season comes to an end up North here, we start to concentrate our efforts to indoors handyman services. We normally take on a few good sized projects to get through the winter. This year I have teamed up with a friend of mine, together we bought a handy man special house that we are going to fix up this winter and try to flip this spring. So I will be reading posts and asking questions because I'm sure I'll be up against some things I've never tackled before. Hopefully I can be of assistance to others on the board at the same time. Looks like a great community!

glennjanie 09-30-2007 07:51 PM

Welcome Barry:
I wish you the very best on your house flip. I watch them on TV often and they have some unique problems.
Try to keep your budget low and don't 'overbuild' for the house or the neighborhood, because the housing market is suffering now. Many of the folks who have bought in the last few years are being foreclosed and don't have the credit to buy again.

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