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dlbkelly 04-23-2006 12:26 PM

New here
We are remodeling (for four years now...) a 1966 house, terrazo floors, 8 ft ceilings. It appears the terrazo flooring was originally used as is, so closet doors were installed attached to that floor. Later carpet was laid, so they laid it around the connections to the floor, which necessitated the bifold closet doors to be cut on the bottom to accommodate the now thicker flooring. We have since removed all carpeting and closet doors. QUESTION: should the new flooring (carpeting and / or tile) be laid first, then the closet floor attachments, or should we go ahead and put the closet bifolds in first, then put the flooring around it (looks time consuming and difficult if we do tile).

oldslowchevy 04-23-2006 02:15 PM

ok this is how i do it,if it is tile then i intall the door frist so i don't have to worry about cracking the if it is carpet then i do the carpet it frist then the door,in my experince i have just found it easyer this way.hope this is helpful to you and welcome to this forum.

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