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pedsot 01-05-2007 03:09 PM

new member NC
Hi all, I am possibly purchasing a building that was built in the 30's that recieved electricity from an old mill that is now gone. It is a beautiful building however has been vandalized (doors ripped off, interesting artwork spraypainted on the walls, windows busted out) by skater kids. It is a large A frame brick building that structurally looks okay (not an expert) the floor is made of maple wood and supported by metal beams. The floor is filled with old wooden spools and yarn..quite a mess. I am going to look at it tomorrow with a co-workers husband who is a realestate broker and can inspect wells and sewer lines and such...I hope he can give me an idea of what the cost will be to refurbish the property. I want to save as much $ as possible by doing as much as I can myself. I will be searching these archives and asking lots of questions about do-it-yourself tasks.

glennjanie 01-05-2007 09:04 PM

Welcome to the Forum, Pedsot:
Save the spools if they are old, you might get to sell them on eBay.
We welcome your questions and there are several professionals here to help any way we can. We also love to see pictures, before and after.

pedsot 01-06-2007 03:57 AM

Glenn, thanks for the reply. I will be taking pictures today! I thought I could use a couple of the spools for tables. Great idea about ebay! I also saw some wooden oval shaped boards approx. 3'X1' with 3 metal rods sticking out of them. I think they were used to hold small spools of string. Anyway, I thought I could mount those to hang swings on or other equipment. The roof is falling in on the back side and one corner. After reading some of the threads last night I'm thinking a metal roof will be a better option.

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