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saltbranch 05-30-2011 08:33 PM

New Rookie from Tx on project overload
Hey all, quick intro..42 yrs old with about zero skills for carpentry. Mechanics and welding fit my comfort level better:) We had a pretty good little storm blew in here back in January, pretty much totalled my roof, then while clearing up the paperwork for the roof a roll off paper towls caught fire in the kitchen via a candle my wife left burning, smoke damage was baaad, cabinets shot etc. Fast forward some now, here I was looking my kitchen and from that vatange point I could directly into every room of the house. All the sheet rock was gone, insullation gone....down to framing. Kind of unnerving for me, hoping it goes back together.
Today we have new roof with vent rige system w/ R backing on the deck material, we have all sheetrock through the home with new insulation in the walls and attic. New A/C duct work too. Kitchen cabs pose to be going in this week...once thats done I can start on floor install, trim work,hanging doors, hooking plumbing back up etc, Just wanted to say Hello, cuz dumb questions will be arriving shortly:D

oldognewtrick 05-31-2011 04:06 AM

WOW...welcome to House Repair Talk. Ask all the dumb questions you want, we have plenty of dumb answers. Some will even be relevant to your specific questions;)

Sorry to hear about your damage to your house, just remember, carpentry is a lot like metal work. Measure twice cut once. Be sure to post pictures, it helps a lot.

chaluska 05-31-2011 07:23 AM

man, another texan.

take some pics of the construction process!

its always nice to have that kind of stuff documented, so other noobs can see how its done.

I intend on taking a few pics of me fixing up my house once i get started on it.

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