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samuelsfamily 07-17-2006 12:50 AM

Old house enthuiest just bought first home
I have always loved the look of older homes and with the help of my wife have bought our first home it,s a unique looking home for our area but Although I am very handy & can see the vision we have for what we want the home to be to make it "ours" I wonder sometimes if I havent bitten off more than I can chew!
The house is 89 years old & fits no one particular style I am familar with.If I can figure out how I will post pictures of the home & projects for help & or helping others in their quest to make an old house their new home

Square Eye 07-17-2006 02:05 AM

Welcome to the forum,

to your money pit.

There's usually someone around and when there's not,
make yourself at home and leave a message.:)


samuelsfamily 07-19-2006 10:54 PM

barely figgured out how use this posting thing
I just figgured out some whtat how to respond to posts but got to get up for work early I will be around soon as is my first big project turned out to be as square eye said a money pit. I took off the sheet rock box covering the fireplace & found out to my dismay that they had covered it for good reason it,s dead. for lack of abetter discription !!!
The chimney stack & flew are in good shape but meed cosmetic repairs but from the damper down will need to be repaired or replaced. I would be too costly for us to put in a more modern fireplace unit plus I like the look of the old world fireplace & would like to keep the house as close to era as possible . I look forward to the help of others & I will post help to people if I am able to be of assitance

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