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raymike 09-08-2009 09:20 PM

roof flashing
I would like some opinions on attaching a shed type roof to my house when covering my deck. my house is a story & 1/2 so where it attaches is on the back wall of the house. 1 end will stop at a 90 deg corner (room of house that pops out approx 4 feet) the roof will be shingles with timberlines and have about a 4/12 pitch. from what i have found so far, at least I need to cut through the siding just above where the shingles/sheeting will be and install flashing along the length of the roof. Then down the side where it meets the wall. Seems as it will be tricky in the corner of the 2 walls and at the end of the roof. do you just try to overlap it in the corners and caulk it there and also at the end of the roof where the roof sops and the siding(wall of house) continues? sorry for lengthy question...any advice would be appreciated. thanks. :)

inspectorD 09-09-2009 05:06 AM

Your on the right track, you want the water to run away from the seams. Try not to nail on the top of the flashing to leave nails exposed also, folks do this all the time and caulk over the nail...this leads to leaks later on. Instead have a sider prebend your metal flashing if possible. I use metal roofing products for sealing the joints also. You can use a good silicone and overlap the pieces by 4 inches at the ends.
When you install the flashing it needs to go under the building paper at the wall, not just under the siding. If you use copper, make sure you use copper nails, otheres will corrode...accept for high grade stainless of course.
Just keep it simple, be the water and you should have no leaks.

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