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rocket 08-05-2006 12:06 PM

tub surround replacement, and maybe more
Hi everyone! I'm a moderately competent do-it-yourselfer who recognizes her limitations.

Having problems with mould growing quickly and repeatedly on my bathtub caulk, in the corner nearest the taps. Have re-caulked twice already this year - calulk never quite dries, peels away from tub surround, and gets mouldy. My guess is that I have water getting in behind the surround, possibly from the shower diverter (?). If so, there may be drywall issues.

My question is - can anyone from Winnipeg recommend, from experience, a good reliable contractor for this repair? And do I need a contractor AND a plumber, or does the contractor arrange for a plumber? Hoping to at least sound like I have a clue about this, and to avoid one of those reno horror stories you're always hearing about.

glennjanie 08-05-2006 04:14 PM

Hello Rocket and Welcome to the Forum:
I'm not from Winnipeg but maybe I can help you find a good contractor. First look in the yellow pages and see if a contractor specializes in baths, then see if you can find a Homebuilder's Association in town. If those two fail, then go to a lumber and hardware store (not the big box ones) and ask for a list to contact. Whichever one you end up with should have references (check them out) and pictures of previous jobs; proof of liability insurance is good to have too. Happy trails!

inspectorD 08-05-2006 09:11 PM

Good start
When I was always trying to find good subcontractors I would talk to my local lumber yard first and ask the guy's.
Another good place is to look up your local chamber of commerce...if you have one. Or any business group.

Also ask around, work, grocery store, local lunch spot. A few well placed questions and someones name is sure to pop up.:D

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