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mackconsult 05-11-2009 11:03 AM

Adding a second level w/ eco roof
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In the early stages of this .... and just joined this forum. So I will take the time to do some searching, so if folks don't want to comment "no worries".

We live in a 1500 ft^2 single level home here in Vancouver, WA (a suburb of Portland, OR). 3 bedroom, 2 bath, T configuration, with a "great room" that has a vaulted ceiling over the kitchen, and living room. Walls are all 2x6 construction.

This weekend after returning from the Oregon Offshore Sailboat race, my wife said she is going to leave me if I don't buy a bigger house. Kids are driving her crazy.

So I started thinking about it while riding my motorcycle out of my neighborhood. Almost all the houses in my neighborhood are of higher square footage, with two levels, and have higher valuations than our place. On top of this my house is 13 years old, and is in need of a new roof. I have placed some calls to my friends and fellow sailors who are in financing, architecture, and construction about adding a second level over the existing bedrooms and bathrooms, hopefully will soon get feedback from them. This way our current master bedroom can become the playroom, and the second level would get a office, large master bedroom with walk in closet, and large 3rd bathroom. If you look at the picture in this posting that was taken about 12 years ago you can see that one roof line goes higher than the other. My plan would be to have the second story go over the garage back towards the back side of the house going in place of the lower roof line. So the side of the second level implementation would intersect with the higher roof line.

I am a mechanical engineer and worked in construction/roofing previously, not only this but I have a lot of tools (dewalt chop saw, air nail gun, etc.). Of course I will approach state of Washington about what requirements are needed.

If people could chime in on whether this is a good idea to spend time and resources on .......

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