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Square Eye 01-29-2006 08:07 PM

Air Compressor, Porter Cable 6 gal.

I've had this compressor for a year now and I'm well pleased with it. It has an extra capacity of 150psi wich is like a reserve to run bigger nail guns and to provide quicker inflation times. For only a 6 gallon tank, it's like having a larger compressor without the added weight or the extra space that a larger compressor would take. This may not mean much on the job, but in the back of my truck it takes up less space and is easier to transport.

Actually using the compressor is about par with most other compressors. You do not have to oil this compressor. It must be drained occasionally to keep the moisture out of the tank. The drain valve is convenient and a good design. The pressure regulator is up front with the tank pressure gauge and the regulated pressure gauge. YOU HAVE TO PULL OUT ON THE ADJUSTING KNOB TO CHANGE THE PRESSURE SETTING. Not a big deal but worth noting. The tank fills quickly wich means that the pressure recovery is also quick. The kick ON pressure is around 120psi wich keeps the pressure up for the big nail guns. That alone is enough to make me want another compressor just like this one if this one ever dies. Most other compressors get too low to drive a nail completely right before they kick on to recover, so you have to keep a hammer ready to drive the nails completely down. I honestly believe that this compressor would drive more than one framing nailer or 3 fullsize finish nailers. The Porter Cable compressor lets you leave your hammer in the loop. The compressor sits well and I have never turned mine on it's head. The rubber pads on the feet have never left a scuff mark on the floor.

The downside; This compressor is just as loud, if not louder than my 25 gallon shop compressor. After reaching about 100psi, it howls until it shuts off at 150psi. The range from 100 to 150psi takes as long to reach as it takes to reach 100psi from empty. It's not very long but it's miserably loud.

I bought this compressor at Lowe's for around $180.00. The same compressor is available in a few different combination packages that include brad nailers or finish nailers. A tremendous bargain if you want to get started with a good compressor and a nailer for trim and other woodwork.

Tom in KY, 5 stars baby, with the 5th star a little shaky due to the hearing loss.

mmcracken 01-30-2006 05:00 PM

I will agree with you 100% I have had mine for about 4 years, it was a combo type kit. The only thing I did was to change to a longer hose inorder to put the compressor in the next room. It has permanant indentions in the back seat of my truck also.

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