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ryans442 02-22-2008 01:36 PM

Alligator hand chain saw?
Has anyone tried out those new Alligator Loppers that black and decker is offering. My wife does a lot of yard work in our community, and she can't use a full size saw. I was thinking about getting her one of these, any thoughts?

Particularly I am concerned about the durability and long term use. It seems like a gimmick product that will lose its value after 6 months or so.

rjarrett001 02-23-2008 07:42 PM

I don't own one myself, but my neighbor does, and he is the reason I would not purchase one. It has a very limited diameter capacity. It's basically a high priced, gimmicky pruner. I have a hand lopper and pole pruner that will do all the same jobs as the alligator and faster.
Randy J.

cibula11 03-26-2008 06:51 PM

My brother and I both own one. I have used his and I have to say, I was impressed. I think the max diameter of the limb you are hacking is 4 or 5 inches. Buy we took off some 15 foot pine tree branches that were 3 or 4 inches with no problem. They are also really safe. You MUST have both hands on the lopper in order for the blades to start. If any downside, its that it is electric, but if you have a use for it, its worth it.

Square Eye 03-26-2008 08:25 PM

It does look like it would be handy:)

BenzMama 03-31-2008 07:23 AM

You may want to take your DW to the store to see if she could manipulate this comfortably. I found it too heavy for me to use above shoulder height.

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