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boltonben 03-29-2014 09:36 AM

Attic Space Conversion
Hi All
I'm new to this forum.
For the last couple years I've been holding off to re shingle my house. After seeing the amount of space I have in the attic made my brain work overtime. Sketch after sketch I came up with a plan to convert my attic into livable space.
Our house is about 1900 sf, and measures about 26'deep x 31' wide. We have 2 teenage kids. My roof is a hip roof with 1 decorative dormer and has a pitch of 9/12.

I was thinking of a few options. The biggest criteria is to maintain the ceiling below. Full span joists with no beam. Exterior walls are 2x6.

1. Tear out the roof and trusses, add full span LVL joists (14") and set in new mansard trusses with the room cut into them. Add dormers, roof, windows, stairs and finish interior.
Approx gain of 550sf

2. Same as above but with rafters in lieu of trusses and angled walls/ ceiling and knee walls. Approx gain of 700 sf

3. Maintain existing trusses. Reinforce top cord and some webs on the trusses, add full span joists, knee wall to support trusses, stairs, windows, finish interior.
Approx gain of 400sf.

I started thinking about option 3, but got stumped on setting down the joists on each end.

I gathered that this would cost me about $50K (carpenter to frame and install stairs and I do the rest of the work). Material framing cost for Opt 1 is about $10K.

So if I gain let's say 600sf and comparing the cost of houses in my area that are about 2500sf, I would just break even on this project. I was hoping for a gain as my house would be as large but with a smaller footprint on the lot. I think I'm going to have to speak to a RE Agent on this. I would be happy to get 75% back if I sell 10 years from now.

Enough of the rambling. Any pointers on my vision? The Mech, Plumbing and Electrical are somewhat figured out.


guyod 03-29-2014 04:22 PM

I constantly think of adding living space to my trusses attic myself. I hate to be negative but it seems like a doable project but in reality it is a huge project. An addition would be easier and cheaper. 10k is way off for materials its probably closer to 40k by the time your done.

boltonben 03-29-2014 08:09 PM

The 10k was for the structural and floor framing only.

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oldognewtrick 03-30-2014 01:24 AM

Before you spend any money, I'd suggest contacting a structural engineer and get their opinion on what would be the best direction to take.

Just my:2cents:

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