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Shawner 06-13-2010 09:18 PM

Attic ventilation
With the warmer weather, installed a ceiling fan in the master bedroom today. When we first moved in last year, had a ceiling fan but it shook like crazy (even with the fan blades taken off). When I replaced it with a normal light fixture, found that the electrical box was tied up to a joist with speaker wire :)

Sooooooo, was up in the attic today bracing the box and took a closer look around. First off, it was hot up there, really hot. The wood was actually warm to the touch. Took a thermometer up there, was about 41 deg C (outside was about 27C). From what I've read, there's always going to be a pretty big temp differential just from the roof heating up but it was super hot. Took a closer look and looks like the soffits are all covered up with insulation. Every second roof joist (or so) has a length of 4" pipe extended into the attic (presumably from the soffit). Also has a ridge vent. So, first question...

1) Is that high temp a problem? Is the venting sufficient or should I throw on a hardhat and dodge the pointy ends of the roofing nails and try to pull back the insulation and trim it back so the soffits are clear? I didn`t smell any sort of dampness but that probably isn`t a suitable test

2) Found the bathroom vent pipes poking out just above the insulation. Had assumed they were vented into the soffits, which I guess is half-assed in itself, but was wrong. Didn't find any evidence of water damage (in the insulation or rafters) and I'm guessing they've been vented like that since the new roof was put on (8-10 years ago?). Should I be planning on installing 2 roof cap vents?

Looking back, sorry for the long post, sort of got carried away with useless explanation, but not deleting it now after all that work :D

Thanks in advance for any advice

jimioc 06-27-2010 03:19 AM

first off - clear all of the insulation from the sofits - that way the atic can get air - if not you will cut the life span of your roof plus spend more to cool your house - also get the plumbing vents fixed - they must go thru the roof - not the sofit

MrFixitNJcom 07-22-2010 10:59 PM

You need soffit vent with the baffles so air can go through so you will solve your problem

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