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toofast 03-08-2011 11:19 AM

Basement Ceiling-Wall is this safe
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Hopefully the pics will make sense. Basically I have to frame a wall and the top plate needs a place to attach to the floor joists.

The dang heating/air duct is in the way. The ONLY way I figured to solve this is to CUT away at the 2 x 4 to clear the duct.

Is this SAFE? meaning I will be super careful attaching the header, etc. But since I am going to drywall the ceiling is there any issue with the 2 x 4 being SO CLOSE to the ductwork?

If anyone has any better ideas...please send them my way.

Thanks in advance.

nealtw 03-08-2011 05:00 PM

That is how it is done. A small bit of fiberglass insulation will stop the pipe noise when it moves.

joecaption 03-09-2011 03:27 PM

By the looks of things you also have a bunch of other issues going on.
Someone install the HVAC lines without sealing the joints with foil tape, a very big no no.
If that line runs just below the floor joist you may be able to shorten up the elbow where it goes to the boot.
If a 6" duct line runs below the floor joist than that means someone installed just 2 X 6 floor joist. A 2 X 6 is only good for about an 8' run of floor joist.

It looks like someone installed some form of ripped 2 X 4 or a 2 X 2 behind the PVC pipe running along the wall. Your going to need to install at least a 2 X 4 laying flat againt those to keep from screwing into the pipe or splitting out the 2X's Without doing that how do you expect to run the sheetrock at the wall to ceiling joint with the pipe right in the way?
If that duct work makes contact with the sheetrock on the ceiling at any point it's going to act as an amplifier. And no just putting in some insulation to isolate it is not going to work.

toofast 03-10-2011 11:07 AM

Ok, good eyes...however.

I was not aware it was required to tape every foil joint...I did not do this work, but still I was not aware. If that is something that is required, I will for sure do it.

The joist actually is a 2 x 10 - so I think I am ok on that point.

As for the PVC Vent...there is actually going to be a soffit built around there was no other way to run that vent line.

I will make sure the sheetrock does not touch the duct work...I think I am good on that note.

Thanks again...good eyes!

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