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TxGal2 09-23-2006 01:21 PM

Bath Sink Faucet
Have single handle faucet now & would like to replace w/ double handle (separtate handle for cold / hot water). Can do that?
Have looked at some like & most say "4 inch center" :confused:
Since have very hard water, hoping will help w/ it getting clogged.
Barely have any water pressure out of faucet with old.

Any help,suggestions, advise 7/or comments welcome!

glennjanie 09-23-2006 09:32 PM

Hello TXGal:
Yes, you can replace a single lever faucet with a two handled one. The 4" center-set is standard for bath sinks. However, you may solve your problem with pressure by unscrewing the pressure-limiting-screen and clean it. It is where the water comes out; use pliers and a cloth wrapped around the fitting to prevent scratching. Make sure you observe the order and direction of each piece so you can put them back the same way, or else it won't fit. You will find several tiny stones in the white nylon part of the limiter.

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