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jhholladay 02-22-2010 07:07 AM

Bedrooms directly off of living space
How many out there live in older homes which were designed without a hallway and with bedrooms directly off of living spaces such as the living room or dining room? How does this work for you?

travelover 02-22-2010 09:09 AM

I rented places like that when I was younger. It sucked.

TxBuilder 02-22-2010 02:56 PM

I'm in the same boat as Travelover. I grew up in a house where the back four bedrooms opened into a living room. It was a dorm setup essentially. If one of my siblings was staying up late or doing anything you heard it.

Festus20 02-22-2010 08:34 PM

That would be a great layout for sure.

the_tool 03-12-2010 11:28 AM

Me personally, I wouldn't like it very much. I've seen a few homes like that, and the one that made it work was a few of my buddies with a large game room that their bedrooms came out to. Not a bad place, but for "normal" living, I would have to agree, that would suck lol.

granite-girl 03-12-2010 01:11 PM

Hallways seem to be such a waste of space. We had a long hallway to all bedrooms in my house growing up. But as I look back now, it's a good barrier to the rest of the house. I think it would be so awkward to have a bedroom right off of a living space. I've seen that on plans & not liked it at all.

TxBuilder 03-12-2010 01:13 PM

It wasn't all bad but your right granitegirl a lot of space is wasted to hallways.

TrueSouthernPeach 03-13-2010 07:35 AM

I was in an house once from the 1880's (Just visiting) and it was huge. The upstairs had a landing and 5 bedrooms. 3 of the bedrooms were off the landing, but the other 2 you had to go through 2 other bedrooms to get to! Maybe back in those days they were extensions or something off of the main bedrooms?!

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