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Terp 04-01-2006 06:05 PM

boring backyard & cinderblock wall
We have been in our house for over a year now, and I am tired of our backyard. The previous owners planted one cherry tree and left it at that. We have a 6' tall cinderblock wall that runs the length of the yard (about 90'), and there is a fairly busy street on the other side. I would like to plant something along the fence that will grow to between 8-10 feet tall to block some sound and provide privacy. We have a good view of the mtns, so I dont want anything too tall. I am trying to decide between some sort of shrubs to grow in a hedgerow, or maybe some climbing ivy on the wall with some well placed trees. I live in Salt Lake City, so its a very dry (we have a sprinkler system) and sunny summer climate. I dont know anything about lansdcaping or shrubs/trees, so any help would be appreciated.

HUNARI 07-05-2006 10:03 AM

wax myrtles are great, as well as ligustrum(sp?) shrubs. Both can be trimmed to desired height.
Best to take a trip to yoru local nursery and ask them. Questions are free.
Also you could plant some confederate jasmine along wall to cover it and release great fragrances into your yard.

bethany14 07-19-2006 12:56 PM

Native plants of utah:

Native means no extra water or fertilizers, and plenty of beautiful wildlife thriving thanks to you :)

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