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Square Eye 06-01-2006 02:19 PM

Building code reference
This set of books has been a useful reference for many DIYs and contractors. I have looked through them and found them to be informative and easier to read than the actual code book and 100 times easier to navigate through. I've read 40 pages of the building code before and still didn't have an answer to my question.

The books are perfect for an on-site reference. I have seen these or a version much like it at Lowe's. It's worth a look!

inspectorD 06-01-2006 05:29 PM

The Author of these books is my boss at ITA/Kaplan Professional Schools.
Mike Casey has been an inspector for over 20 years with over 8,000. He created these to help in the understanding of the codes when we do new construction. I actually teach this class for ITA around the country.It covers how to navigate and use the books. Ther are currently 5 different code check books that cover Building,Elecrical,plumbing,heat and HVAC.
The last one is an all encompassing code check that covers the basics of all the others.
The best reference books you will find that covers the building codes hands down.
The pictures are great too.:D

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