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stevesahni 08-04-2008 01:03 PM

leak in drain of tub
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Dear Glenn,

Thanks for your input. Any chance we can do this from the top of the tub. If not we will have to cut the sheet rock underneath (lot of hassle) and then get underneath the drain. The top is easily accessible. Have attached a photo of the drain the way it looks now. Hope this helps.


Originally Posted by glennjanie View Post
Welcome SteveSahni:
Typically a cast iron tub will show some rust but will not rust through. There may be enough rust to interfeir with the gasket on the drain causing the leak.
Of course, you will need access to the bottom of the tub. Take the drain loose, clean the bottom and inside of the tub with a wire brush, replace the gasket on the bottom and use some plumber's putty on the inside. You may need to replace any slip-joint gaskets at the same time.

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