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apkool007 12-18-2011 03:59 PM

Ceiling Light Fixture-Odd location

I just bought a new condo. I have living room of size 11'X10' and ceilings are high too (about 12 feet). The light fixture they have in place is weird and the access point is in a odd location. When I say odd, I mean it is close to the kitchen and towards one corner of the living room. Kitchen has good lighting already.(see image below)

I was thinking how I could repair/change it so that it provides good light to my living room and the hole on the ceiling doesn't look bad either.
I was thinking of installing a chandelier with some extension so that I can hang it towards the middle of the living room.
can you please throw me some ideas so that I can solve the lighting issue and the ceiling does not look bad as well?

I'd prefer not to change wiring and minimal work :)

see pic below for the current situation.

Thanks in advance!

BridgeMan 12-18-2011 08:19 PM

Why not just find a fixture of your choice that either hangs from a chain, or to which a chain can be added? Then it's simply a matter of installing a swag hook in a ceiling joist at the location you want, and add enough similar chain to "drape" over to the present fixture's location. Intertwine some feed wire in the chain, put a plug on the end, and plug it into the new outlet (with decorative plate) you'll install in the ceiling at the current location.

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