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spirits 06-04-2008 09:51 AM

Coddling Moths
Hi Everyone. I have a beautiful apple tree and my son has a younger version at his house. Last fall all our apples had little tiny brown lines through them. The older tree was just as badly infected as the newer one. Apples were unuseable. Something new here in Edmonton called coddling moths and it destroyed the apples in our area. Our nursery sold us red plastic balls to hang on the tree with some sticky glue to attract the flys so they wouldn't lay eggs. So far all it seems to have done is attract house flys. Anyone with more experience? Thanks for any advice

DannyBoyBlue 07-29-2008 10:46 AM

Getting high quality fruit from a backyard tree can be quite a lot of work. You would need to begin spraying the tree with a fungicide such as Captan or Funginex in early spring when the buds begin to soften and "swell" before opening up. Then, when about 95% of the blossoms have dropped off the tree (petal fall), you would need to begin mixing an insecticide such as Sevin or Imidan with the fungicide and spray the tree every 10 to 14 days throughout the season. You never want to spray insecticides while the tree is in bloom or you will kill the honeybees needed for pollination.

There is a product called "home orchard spray" which has both fungicide and insecticide in it and this could be used starting at petal fall. Spray whenever you get around to it and you will get some decent fruit and some with worms and apple scab.

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