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cookie 07-07-2009 10:42 AM

Concrete Deck post removal
Hi: I am new to this forum. We have recently removed a 24" high wood deck to replace with a set of stairs and a patio . All the wood has been removed and we are left with 8 concrete sono tube forms sticking up from the ground (clay based). They are approx 3 - 4 feet deep into the ground. How does one go about removing them? Do we cut them off at the base? Do we jackhammer them out? Not sure. I got a quote to get a bob cat in to remove and dispose of them and the cost was exorbitant? ($600 for the bobcat & removal - & $400 for the bin and dispose).

Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated.


GBR 07-07-2009 06:58 PM

Dig down a foot and roto-hammer them off below grade. They probably won't frost heave with clay soil. Be safe, G

handyguys 07-08-2009 08:50 AM

Yea, lots of hard work for sure. Like was said dig down below the surface and break them off and backfill. You could use a sledge hammer, maybe.

tmhremodel 07-08-2009 10:41 AM

post removal
Theres several things you can do. dig down a couple feet, with a Roto hammer/drill, drill a hole in each side of the post, red head the holes, put chains on red heads. hook up to truck & pull.

Next, dig down 10-12 inches, rotohammer, backfill.

next, spend the money on a bobcat..

good luck,


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