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sablescorpion 07-11-2007 04:37 PM

Contractor questions
Hello everyone,

I've finally decided to redo my bath and I found 2 companies on Angie's list so I think they're both relatively reputable. Here's my question: Company A tells me that I don't need to replace the drywall in order to re-tile the bath surround. Is this true? Now Company B mentioned that I would need to replace the drywall and I may need permits for everything which would cost $600 over the price quote for the job. Is there anyone in the Baltimore City area that can attest to this cause it sounds a bit much to me. All I wanted was to replace the tub, shower fixtures and tile. Company A quoted me $2k while B quoted $5800. Now I know prices differ in different areas but does the lower quote sound right for what I want?:confused:

Lanethenovice 11-10-2013 05:48 PM

Hi everyone. I need to install walk in tubs in my parents house. So here's the question. Should I just hire the professionals at AllBrite Kitchens & Bath to instal two walk in tubs or should I take a trip down there to Jonesboro which is about 120 miles from where I live and try to do the job. I've never done a bath tub before.

Thanks guys!

CallMeVilla 11-10-2013 11:15 PM

Drywall should NOT be used as a backer for your shower or bath. A minimum would be to use tile backer (Hardie Board) which has all its corners and seams sealed with an elastomeric sealer (Red Gard or Dragon Shield).

Here is a useful video on applying Red Gard ...

To save money, you can do the demolition easily. Remove the drywall and all nails or screws in the studs. Permits for tile backer? Really doubtful. The City wants permits for the money ... This is not structural or health & safety. If your contractor insists, get a different contractor ... but insist on proper materials and sealer.

nealtw 11-11-2013 10:21 PM

This not a 1 day job and may be longer if you have no experience. I will dissagree with Villa, mold is a health and safety issue and if old stuff has to be removed you do want anything found there to be dealt with correctly. The better question would be to ask the city what they inspect and how many inspections do they do for a bathroom.

CallMeVilla 11-13-2013 07:56 AM

Not to be misunderstood ... mold IS a health & saftey issue so whatever you do you must make sure there is no pre-existing mold issue (then treat it).

I am also presupposing your work will be watertight. If you install the Hardie Board properly, and seal all joints/corners with elastomeric sealant per instructions, you would have solid work.

You want to get it inspected? Go for it.

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