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jassikahilton 03-22-2008 02:51 PM

Damp floors and walls
Hello friends my problems are related to flooring and the walls alike therefore decided to ask this in the general section itself. Its about 15 years that our home was built the floors were made of mosaic. The shine began to lose since the last couple of years and worst of all during damp weathers there are some white circles visible in the floor. The walls adjacent to these floors are also becoming damp and the plasters are coming out. I am totally clueless as to what to do to rectify the condition. Please suggest me something.

Square Eye 03-22-2008 04:52 PM

The first thing to do, would be to try to determine if there is a leak or other source for the moisture. Consider what type of heat you have, Have you changed the type of heat you have? Could it be causing condensation in or on the walls or under the floor? Have you recently started using a clothes dryer in your home? Is it vented properly to the outside? There are many things to consider when moisture problems arise. BUT you must find the source and stop it before you can do any repairs. If it's a humidity problem with no apparent source, a dehumidifier may be all you need.

Check it out, Let us know!

inspectorD 03-23-2008 09:44 AM

All good points there...also sounds like you may have an efflorescence issue. This is from moisture migrating up through the floor and walls. This usually means there is no plastic under the floor to stop moisture, and no moisture dampening on the exterior parts of the foundation wall.
Sounds like a dehumidifier is your next purchase. And just maintain what you have.
The other solution is digging things up and that may not be worth the trouble.
Good luck.

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