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fixerC 09-13-2009 08:07 PM

door issues
haveing some issues with the beam in my basement. the old owners removed a post (probably rotted) but instead of digging a hole for a footing, they just put the jack post on the concreate(bad call). needless to say it wrecked the floor and allowed the beam to sag =( . so i took out the whole floor dug down in 3 spots (every 8 feet) and poured new footings for posts. then i put a string line on the beam and straitened it. now my doors don't close right and im wondering if i straitened it wrong or if not whats the solution to my door issues. do i have to replace all my doors?
what should i do?

handyguys 09-14-2009 07:27 AM

Not really enough information. But no, you don't need to replace the doors. They may have been installed when there was a sag in the floor. You may have jacked too much or too little. I dont know.

If the floor is where it should be you can just re-hang the doors.

fixerC 09-14-2009 07:23 PM

your right its not enouth info but theres allot to tell. like its only a half basment the other half is dirt crawl space and the beam only goes half way into the crawl space then theres a fater beam that goes about 6 or 8 feet and where the two beams meet theres no post its a concrete block that the 6-8foot beam is directly on top of and the other (LONGER) beam is on a block on top of the concrete block. the longer beam is only about 6" X 6" so not really much of a beam and thats why my posts are 8' apart. also where the longer beam is sitting on the conc. foundation wall is where they decided to retrofit an entry for the basment stair way so they cut into the foundation wall to put the stairs there. i'll try to get some pics.theres more to say but pics might do better.

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