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Galaga1 05-19-2013 11:02 AM

Exhaust Fan In Bathroom
I need to replace the exhaust fan in my bathroom. I have taken off the cover to expose a plate that is in front of the exhaust fan itself, but cannot figure out how to take this plate off to get to the exhaust fan. The plate is where you replace the light bulbs. Thanks for your help.

Jay Grabowski

oldognewtrick 05-19-2013 12:16 PM

Jay, post a picture if you can.

Galaga1 05-19-2013 12:26 PM

Exhausty Fan/Bathroom
Sorry, I cannot post pictures. I do not have a digital camera, or a cell phone.

nealtw 05-19-2013 02:47 PM

See if you can find a make and model or even some part numbers.

CallMeVilla 05-19-2013 03:34 PM

This is not splitting the atom with Einstein! Did you turn off the electrical? Hope so ... The plate might be held in place by some locking tabs ... but that is rare. Usually, you can access the screws or nails that are holding the fan body in place. Remove those bad boys and you can remove the fan itself.

The unwiring is easy and you should keep the wire clamps just in case. You MUST use wire clamps because vibration can cut the wires in the future and cause major issues. The biggest hassle in a basement is reconnecting the exhaust hose/pipe. The video I found is helpful but they use duct tape. LAME! Duct tape is for many things EXCEPT ducting. Using silver foil tape is more airtight and the adhesive lasts forever.

You should be on your way after reading and viewing this. :D

DFBonnett 05-20-2013 04:57 PM

If you remove the light bulb, is there a nut underneath that secures the plate in question?

Galaga1 05-25-2013 01:37 PM

Exhaust Fan in Bathroom
There is a wing nut in the center of the plate. If I loosen it, nothing happens. THhe plate over the motor is still intact.


nealtw 06-02-2013 11:31 PM

If it is a nutone the reflector should fall out when the nut is removed. A photo would be helpfull. Do an immage search on google and see if you can find a photo there.

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