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dolfan 05-31-2014 06:03 PM

firepalce in a manufactured house
I know it is the wrong time of the year for this but just thought of this question. I had to get a new roof put on and went metal. I bought the metal myself. The place that sells it sells other metal items also. If not mistaken they sell thicker metal maybe 1/2 thick. Was wondering if that is "fireproof/heat proof could i put it in my fireplace either in back or all 3 sides would it help heat better? The fireplace sucks and know most do. My parents had a fire place put in by Sears and it was VERY hot and heated great. It had metal on the sides also mine is cement on 3 sides. Thuink the metal would work if it is fireproof etc and not mess my house up or catch it on fire? thanks

slownsteady 05-31-2014 07:24 PM

My fireplace has a metal firebox (3 sides) and a passive heat-o-later, which is basically a channel on either side, behind the the face. The channels have high & low vents, so the cool air is sucked in and heated as it passes the firebox. I think it works great. I can't tell you too much about the design because it was here before me. The house is about 55 years old and I imagine it is original. At one point a sweep had me concerned about rust-through but it has not been a problem.
One thing to think about: metal may conduct heat better than stone but the the stone (or brick or whatever) makes a great heat sink. If I burn wood for an evening, the stone around the firebox will still be warm the next morning. i think it is all in the design of the complete unit and I can't guess how to retrofit this.

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