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SeattleDIY 11-09-2008 05:44 PM

Foam in a can:how to use multiple times??
the spray foam in a can seems to be designed for single use.Is there a way to get multiple uses out of one can??

kok328 11-09-2008 06:06 PM

lol (been there)... I know your going to at least need a new tube. If your only talking about a couple of hours just to see if you need more after the initial application expands, you should be OK. Overnight, is a gamble, longer than that is a bust.

CraigFL 11-10-2008 05:29 AM

Agree but to make sure the nozzle on the can is clear, you do need to expel some of the pressure thru it with the can held right side up....

Phatboy 11-11-2008 05:47 AM

OOh oOh ooh...something I can answer finally.

Ok usually when I am done using can of said foam I unscrew the straw and trigger, and blow that out with air from my compressor. That takes care of the straw. As for the can I either do like CraigFL said , or I put a little cap for wire shelving on teh end of the nozzle.

Now then. If I happen to forget to do any of the above, I go to my parts bin, adn get a fine thread drywall screw 1.5-2in in length. Thread the screw down the end of the straw at least half way. Then easily tug, adn usually the dried foam will come out in one long chunk. Anything that is left is wet, and can be blown out with the air.

Works for me. Try it for yourself.

jams003 12-08-2008 11:31 PM

what do you mean of this, Foam in a can:how to use multiple times??

ciera 12-09-2008 07:26 AM


Originally Posted by jams003 (Post 25890)
what do you mean of this, Foam in a can:how to use multiple times??

The OP is referring to the insulating foam that comes in a can. It's good for spraying in insulation into cracks and small holes. (We just went around the entire basement spraying it into holes where various lines and pipes were coming in).

The problem is the stuff is nasty to use, and it dries up pretty soon after using it. For what it's worth, I'd just go around the house using it where ever you see a need, wait two hours as kok328 suggested to see if you need more, and then be done with it.

travelover 12-09-2008 09:31 AM

This works pretty well. Take pipe cleaners and dip them in water, then insert them into the can opening (after you unscrew the nozzle), and both ends of the nozzle and delivery tube. The water accelerates the foam hardening. When hard, pull out the pipe cleaners and discard.

The sooner you use the rest of the can the better. Keep it warm and shake it very well before every use.

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