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mogas 09-28-2013 01:10 PM

Garage Heater
Hey everyone I need to put a heater in my garage for this upcoming winter. I can hang a gas heater in the corner and have my friend that's a plumber run the gas line (he owes me) and the hanging units are cheap. Option 2 is buy a hanging electric. I'm skeptical about these. Or I can buy a couple radiant heaters. I'm skeptical about these too. I want to be able to turn on my heat source, go in the garage and touch anything I want and not have it be frozen...with proper warm up time. I heard the radiant won't actually heat everything up? So I'm trying to see if anyone has advice to save me some trouble.

nealtw 09-28-2013 01:43 PM

I like the radiant gas tube.

mogas 09-28-2013 06:18 PM

Do you have to run an exhaust vent? How much do they run? Why do you prefer gas over electric? I can't find any pros or cons anywhere. Thank you

guyod 09-28-2013 08:13 PM

Gas is going to be almost 1/2 the operating cost and hotter than electric. For fast heating of the whole garage I would get something with a big blower and btus. To quietly warm up a work bench I would use radiant pointed at the bench. In time it will heat the whole garage too. You can get either option ventless. With a new airtight garage I would make sure you get a model with oxygen sensor and install a carbon monoxide detector

firehawkmph 09-28-2013 09:40 PM

I have three separate garages/shops I heat occasionally in the winter here in northeast Ohio. In each one I use a direct vent gas furnace made by Williams. They are about 7' tall and 14" wide. Easy to mount, combustion chamber draws air from outside and is completely sealed off from inside air, so no worry about blowing up when your cars' gas tank leaks. They are very quiet, have a two speed blower, and the hot air comes out of the lower part of the unit. In the dead of winter, they will heat up a three car garage that is insulated, in about fifteen to twenty minutes. Very quick and economical to run. 62000 btu input and around 83% efficiency.
Mike Hawkins

mogas 10-02-2013 07:15 AM

Hey thanks for the replies! How much do the Williams sealed combustion run? How big are your shops? Mine is only about a 22x22

firehawkmph 10-02-2013 07:32 PM

The Wiliams units are just under $1300. The three spaces is heat are 24 x 24' 26 x 28' and 28 x 36 with a cathedral ceiling. All three areas have either R11 or R 13 in the walls and R19 in the ceilings.
Mike Hawkins:)

mogas 10-16-2013 12:59 PM

Hey firehawkmph I'm ready to buy my heater the cold is coming. I can't decide between a vent gas heater or a ventless radiant heater because I want my whole garage to be warm and comfortable. How many btus would you recommend? With a ventless do I need to keep a door or window open? Do I need to make a hole for a ventless for fresh air?

Drywallinfo 10-17-2013 05:52 AM

Man I wish! But my garage is too darned small for anything except my cars, and barely that. Someday I will perhaps build a nice insulated garage with heat. Ability to heat your garage, with floor drains and ability to wash and dry your car year-round is the way to keep cars from rusting away.

firehawkmph 10-17-2013 04:55 PM

I would definitely go with the vented heater. Being a retired firefighter, I'm not a fan of non-vented heaters. If you get one of the direct vents like I mentioned above, you won't be sorry. Very quiet, quick recovery, and very comfortable to work in. 62,000 btu input. Also they are easy to install.
Mike Hawkins:)

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