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dlenardu 11-21-2008 02:26 PM

Garage insulation
Hi, This is my first post and I really enjoy reading through all of the posts on this site.
I have a garage that I recently built. It is 30x35 with 12.5 ft ceilings. All concrete block walls, It has roof trusses with 2x6 floor joints and 2x4 rafter on 16" centers. The center of the trusses is floored with OSB for attic storage. I have 2x4 strips across the outside of the trusses placed every 2ft to which the metal roof is attached too. I am wanting to insulate it so that I can heat and cool it. I've been debating on whether to put fiberglass batting in and 5/8 sheet rock or to have insulation blown in. Also sometimes in the summer the roof can sweat so I was thinking about having the spray foam done but it far too expensive for a garage. I then was thinking about cutting 2" thick foam and putting it between the rafters. The other problem I have is leaves and stuff blow into the attack at the ridge cap so I need to do something about that as well. I have been reading so many different things I'm not sure what is going to be the most efficient and most economical.

Thanks for all of you help

Square Eye 11-21-2008 04:14 PM

You could run batts or continuous lengths of fiberglass between the perlins. The vapor barrier on the bottom would prevent condensation under the metal.

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