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mcshirey 06-27-2009 11:26 AM

garage too hot need ventilation
I have an uninsulated but drywalled 2 car garage. It get very hot in the summer. I am considering mounting 2 of those 20 inch high velocity floor fans to the ceiling to help push the air out and get some cross vent going thru the side door and big garage door. I have a ceiling outlet already, so power isn't an issue. Anyone ever done this before or have suggestions? I want to keep the project under $100 and the fans are $40 each. I could really use some advice here...Thanks.

woodchuck 06-27-2009 06:32 PM

And what would it cost to put insulation above it?

911handyman 09-06-2009 02:31 PM

Hey there, put a $100 of insulation up there, then later put another $100, you can buy the insulation at the home improvment store, and the machine is usually free. hope this helps.

kok328 09-08-2009 07:18 AM

How much will it cost in the long run to operate 2 high velocity fans?
You get more bang for your buck if you blow some insulation into the walls and install a ridge vent.

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