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inspectorD 03-22-2008 12:19 PM

Getting ride of poison...everything..
So I was just out cutting a big swath of the farm trees which have been overrun by vines. Some are grape, we have thousands of those(make great jelly)and most are climbing poison oak and ivy. Does anyone have anything they have tried, not to is farmland. We grow rye and other types of hay, clover and veggies.
I just cut about 30 trees from 3 inch to an ash well over 30 inches at the base. Just about every time I cut the tree, the vines pull other trees on top of me. Thanks to my head gear and chaps I'm still able to get things done. I'm just frustrated with the vines.
Now I am off to fix the Kubota tractor, blew the air chuck off the front tire. :D Pushinn stuff around.:)

Time to start burning the brush too.

handyguys 04-03-2008 08:55 AM

No one responded. :( I feel your pain. I am in process of clearing a property line at a campground. The line is just shy of 5000' long and I'm clearing a 10' wide swath through heavy underbrush. I too have vines. MY biggest issue is hordes of MultiFlora Rose in addition to the wild grape than never fruits, the poison stuff and God knows what else.

The approach I have been taking is to clear the underbrush first. I am cutting the vines that go all the way up into the trees off at about 6' height and working around any trees larger than about 4-6".

My plan is to leave the trees for last. The property has over 20 some corners and only those corners are marked at survey accuracy. I want to get line of sight, corner to corner, before I am taking down larger stuff. Secondarily, once the underbrush is cleared I have a safe work area for doing my chainsaw work.

The tools in my arsonal for my project - Husqvarna 372XP 24", Husqvarna 51 18", Stihl K90 with pole pruner and brush blade options, and lastly I rent, from time to time, a BillyGoat brush hog. I would love to have your Kabota on site with a brush cutter. Oh, half the property is inaccessible to vehicles due to streams and floodplane.

guyod 04-04-2008 07:26 AM

I just spent 2 days scraping vines off the side of a barn for painting... damn you vines...
I used a prybar and hammer and still had a hard time getting it off. those little hair roots are stonger that most nails i pulled out.

hondadrv24 04-10-2008 02:09 PM

Get a excavator on tracks and just tear it all down, pile it up and burn, that's what dad and my uncles do. It probably helps that my uncle has an excavator, pay-loader and big tractors (8410 John Deere). Goats are a good idea, my dads eat almost anything. Good thinking with that one.

inspectorD 04-10-2008 05:00 PM

Thanks guys.
Yup's going to the goats.
I started by cutting down about 30 trees. That way the goats can get to the vines at the tops.
My neighbor has 30 goats ready to start.:)

mechanicalmonster 04-13-2008 01:54 AM

I have saw a few references to burning. Please do your best to make sure whatever you burn contains no poison oak or poison ivy. If you think its bad on your skin it is nothing compared to in your lungs. I agree 100% with the goat idea. They will need to come back several times to eradicate it. I am not sure about the poison oak but my goats think poison ivy is candy.

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