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Philphine 09-04-2007 08:53 PM

good treated wood? and store choice?
not being a contractor or whatever, i just go to a local hardware/home store to get lumber for my deck project. i've noticed of the three places i've gotten wood (yes, it's the worlds second slowest deck build), at one place the wood dosen't have that look or smell of pressure treated wood i'm used to. they said it was, and that's it's some new kind of method and chemical that dosen't smell so strong.

anyone heard of this? i end up getting wood at this particuar chain because they have more size selection, especially longer pieces, but as mentioned, the wood dosen't seem treated and really looks dry and looks like it has more splits in it i worry about. if the other store has the size i need i get it there instead.

and part two, i didn't mention store names to make sure it didn't seem like i was downing or recommending one or the other. one is just a local place that dosen't have much wood wise anyway, but the other two are the big names in the homestore game. one has this untreated/new method looking wood.

so all that to ask the more experienced, what store do you get your wood from, or do you go to a dedicated lumberyard and skip the home stores altogether when it comes to wood? thanks.

spyder9176 09-06-2007 09:01 PM

When buying wood for specific project it is best to buy from one place only. Lumbers yards will have all the sizes you need at the same or better prices. Most every lumber yard and improvement center gets there wood from different suppliers. Making it all a bit different. There are different ways to treat wood make the color look different. On a deck I would think the differences in the wood would be minimal. Except if the treating process was different. Differences in wood really come in to play on interior trim always buy for the same place. What looks exactly the same will have small difference in the miters. Anyway that’s a whole other story. So if you can get the rest of your deck in the same place

glennjanie 09-06-2007 09:30 PM

Hey Philphine:

Wherever you buy your wood for the deck it should be treated and if it is treated it will have a plastic card stapled to the end of each piece. That tells you the Mill name and warranty specifics.

It is nice to talk to a fellow Kentuckian.


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