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bev7594 11-12-2012 06:25 PM

Granite countertop and backsplash installation mess
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I recently had a granite counter and backsplash installed in my kitchen by Provincial Granite and Marblexworx Inc.. I did check them out with the BBB and they had an okay rating. I believe the installation was poorly done and would like some feedback as to if my belief is correct. The company has responded that this is caused from my walls being out of square. They had come to my home and measured (with my existing countertop off) to ensure my walls were not that bad (which the president of the company did confirm that the walls were fine when he came to measure).

1. There is a >1/2" gap between the granite backsplash and the ceramic tile backsplash i.e. the backsplash does not sit up against the ceramic tile
2. The granite backsplash was installed to go above the ceramic tile (can't figure out why they did this)
3. There is an overage on the granite counter at the sink that is up to 1/2" i.e. when lifting dishes out of the sink, they tend to catch on the overage and break.
4. Either the granite was cut too short or the counter is not pushed in against the wall (there is a 3/8" gap between the wall and the start of the counter for one part of the counter lip)
5. There is a seam along the lip of the counter edge where they have glued two pieces of granite together. This is my finished edge.

I have been told that it is a small community that the installers work in and therefore they will not talk about one another. First, are my issues valid (or some of them). Second, what do I do now? Company has been paid in full (told I had to pay all before the backsplash was installed). Company has been rude and hung up on me.

nealtw 11-12-2012 07:23 PM

I read your complaint and his answer. I'm with you, it dose not look good and I would have thought the guy measuring your cupboards should have made you understand the problem and tell you what it would look like. With a wall like that they should have talked you out of a backsplash. The deck could have be cut to fit the shape of the wall and then a small tile backsplash would have made it look alright. Now I think you are stuck with making the wall fit to the backsplash. You could change the molding below to make that look better although it should have been cut off so the granite could continue to the wall.

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