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hometeem 03-06-2014 02:08 PM

heating with woodstove
installing a new furnace and ductwork and i would like to be able to utilize my wood stove from garage. i will be putting in a propane furnace. the garage is the next room over from where the furnace will be. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck putting coils in the plenum and the other end would b rad on the back or on top of wood stove in garage? Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated

nealtw 03-06-2014 04:41 PM

Welcome to the site, don't know about the furnace detail but the house should be sealed from the garage so auto off gasses don't enter the house so if it can be done it would want to be a closed system with some kind of gasket where it goes thru the wall.

hometeem 03-07-2014 05:21 AM

cynder block wall seperates the two as os now, maybe a vapour barrier wouldnt hurt too. I just built the garage this fall. Havent cut the door to the house yet but i will make sure i get a good seal on the door. tyvm
oh and btw thanx for the greeting :)

bud16415 03-07-2014 06:42 AM

Many people around here are putting in outside wood burners that make hot water and then pump it underground into the house. Basically what you are wanting. Quite a few I have seen also put these stoves inside a structure some for storing wood in and such. They only have to fire the units every other day and they make great clean heating systems and very safe as they are not connected to the house except by the piping.

I know two people that built a DIY setup kind of what you are talking about using old wood stoves or homemade wood stoves. The one guy I know was able to get it to work but had a lot of trouble with heat control and almost had to be right there when using it. The other homemade system I have seen worked really well but was quite a project his stove he built had a huge tank something like 500 gallons of water with tubing coils inside. It was built such that the stove was even inside the water tank. He used all this water as thermal mass and would heat it all up using coal and then extract the heat for several days.

Both of these things were built over 30 years ago and now insurance regulations around here are really getting tough on having any type of wood heating. I don’t know of how it is where you live. One person just told me he had to remove is outdoor wood stove even because of a request from his insurance company or be dropped. If they are getting that tough I would look into that aspect of it before doing anything.

hometeem 03-07-2014 10:47 AM

thanx for the reply, i will talk w building inspector about doin this when he come s over next week. Maybe drop a line to my insurance provider as well before putting cash in to the project. thanx again

hometeem 03-07-2014 12:04 PM

pricing out some wood oil combos or wood propane combos and just puttin the furnace in the garage. they are too pricey for me atm i think. i can get a 600000 btu dual stage tempstar for $800 CAN (buddy works for the largest sheet metal contractor in taranta) and we could do all the ducting so its not that expensive of a project. On the other hand i have wood out my bumhole so it would def pay off to put out the money now for a combo. Looking at 5 grand for just the furnace so far. Any tips on places to look in sw Ontario for combo units?

bud16415 03-07-2014 12:30 PM

It’s pretty easy to figure the payback if you have a lot of wood for free and compared to propane that’s going up in price. If I was doing any new heat source I personally would look at hot water systems. We put one in my nephews house a few years ago and it is the nicest heat I have seen.

I just looked at some of the pricing on the outdoor units. Sticker shock.

guyod 03-07-2014 05:14 PM

I would get a wood furnace for your garage and tie that into the duct work of your furnace. This is the best time of year to get a clearance price from home depot/ lowes/ tractor supply. Also search online classifieds for used units maybe you will find a combo unit.
I built a homemade outdoor wood furnace this fall. It works but very far from efficient about 1 cord of wood a week and can only heat my 1500sf house without supplement if it is above 25 degrees. Plus it ended up costing alot more than i thought it would.

hometeem 03-07-2014 06:14 PM

any idea if i tie into the existing duct work into the trunk just after the in house furnace with a wood furnace from the garage (which has its own blower) if it would be harmful to my in house furnace? yeah i know compete run on sentence, didnt major in english. hope ya get my point

guyod 03-07-2014 06:47 PM

You would run them in line. Return into furnace then out to return of wood furnace then out to ducts

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