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newowner 11-16-2005 09:29 PM

Hiring day labor
Has anyone ever hired day labor workers?

Did you have to drive them to your house and take them back? Did you negotiate a price or is it set?

I need help with some yard work (basic manual labor) and thought I would hire a few for a couple days to help me. I feel kind of odd doing it but I really don't see why not?

2pyrs 11-16-2005 10:22 PM

In this day and age one has to be most careful who they bring home. May I suggest you contact your local church or Community Center, local boy Scouts even some high schools have programs to help as long as it is simple clean up such as raking or moving some dirt, planting some bulbs for next spring.
Some city workers moon light and well help for a very reasonable price. What ever you do donít pick someone up off the street and be sure to have a friend over the day your help comes over. A friend of my sons is doing odd jobs for me like yard clean up and gofer work. I pay him per job or by the day depends on the job. Rake up leaves pick up and bundle sticks, moved three barrels of dirt $25 and lunch for the day. Be careful about the jobs you hand out, like sending them up a ladder to clean gutters Ė check with your home owners insurance agent first.


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